View Full Version : Free Substance Player w/ a Few Free Samples

Bells of Freedom
28th Dec 2014, 06:25 AM
In my explorations for learning about texture maps, I found Allegorithmic has a great tool for free. It allows you to view and alter Substance textures, but also comes with several free samples. I've gotten to like it since it has a one-click "export bitmaps" button that exports the texture in diffuse, spec, reflect, bump, normal, height, displace, and AO.

I can create a diffuse map, turn it black/white, and export a bump map. But creating displacement, AO, specularity, or normal maps by hand still eludes me. So this makes it much easier!

Substance Player

P.S. Wasn't sure if this should go in the Textures section, or Resources section.