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Why can't I have an Avatar?
When a registered member accumulates 15 posts and has been a member for 6 days they will then be automatically promoted to allow the use of a custom avatar of their choosing provided it falls within the guidelines of the site.

Contributing Members and Premiere Members are automatically allowed avatars.

Why can't I delete my posts?
We believe in keeping a historical archive of threads so that others may benefit from the normal Q&A that takes place naturally.

For that reason you may not delete posts, however, you may edit your post for up to 12 hours from the time you make the original post.

If you feel it absolutely necessary to delete a post contact a moderator or an admin.

Why can't I have a Signature?
When a registered member accumulates 15 posts and has been a member for 6 days they will then be automatically promoted to allow the use of a signature within their posts.

Contributing Members and Premiere Members are automatically allowed signatures.

Why can't I see the Member List?
New registrations are limited in what they can see and do. This is a safe guard against abuse. Once you have met the post and time requirements you will be auto promoted and then be able to view the Member List.

Why are my Personal Messages limited?
Registered members are allowed 5 PM's, however, when a registered member accumulates 15 posts and has been a member for 6 days they will then be automatically promoted to have 60 PM's.

Contributing Members are allowed 60 PM's Premiere Members are allowed 100 PM's

Personal messages are viewable by administrators should a problem or breach of security arise. Members will be summarily notified should the administration be required to do so.

Downloading resources?
All registered members are able to download assets from the Resources so long as the author has set them to general release. There are three levels an author may choose depending on how they want the items managed.

•All – General release for all registered members
•Group – Released to a specific group or groups I.E. released to contributing members only
•Private – Author is able to select members from the membership list to release a model to

In all cases the F3D EULA applies as the main contract between the downloader and the author. If the author has assigned additional criteria those take precedence over the F3D EULA.

What is Premiere Membership?
Premiere members pay a monthly or yearly subscription to obtain access to content available only to premiere members. This includes models, textures, attribute or config settings, and tutorials. Other content or services may be released through premiere content at staff discretion.

Premiere Member features:

• Access to Premiere Content, models, tutorials, presets, textures, and more only available to Premiere Members.
• 100 Megs of online storage. Storage for you to archive your work and only accessible to you. A Very handy way to make sure you don’t loose precious work to a HD crash. Our servers are backed up daily and routinely so your files are safe.
• Unlimited image storage for your Personal Gallery.
• Increased Personal Message capacity, 5,000 messages.
• Access to Premiere Membership private forums.
• Your personal foundation3d email account (yourname@foundation3d.com).

After yesterday there seems to be some confusion about our policies in regards to credits, let me try and clear that up. The ONLY forum we ask for members to use any type of credits in association with their images is the Art section. The reason is that just like an art gallery most artists don't bother signing their work until it's done. WIP's and junk posts such as in the Cafe are typically exempt from this policy for what we think are obvious reasons. In the art section members are displaying work for consideration and all elements not their own should be identified unless it is part of a commercial collection or a collection where the identity of the person who made the model is not required. Or if the member created everything in the scene. In those two instances it is at member discretion. Credits are either required on the image or in the post, again at member discretion just so long as all items belonging to someone else or not meeting the collection or personal work requirement are credited. The only policies we have in place for credits are in the Art section and can be found in the announcement "3D Stills Forum Guidelines" It is not inclusive and for future reference will be updated to reflect our official position on the matter. There was also confusion about who owns what as far as resources. All free resources uploaded by members are solely their own and any terms and conditions they place on their resources supersedes ours. Our EULA is meant as a general guide to protect resource providers and give them some teeth if they ever feel they need it. F3D, its staff and representatives make no claims to ownership of those resources. Something we have never made any claim to so I was somewhat surprised to hear anyone thought that. Premiere Content in its entirety however does belong entirely to F3D. Those assets are commissioned, provided or purchased and become the sole property of F3D. So those models, if credited, should show F3D or Foundation 3D in the credits. However, for the sake of our Premiere Members we do not require credits on our assets. That is at the discretion of the member. I do believe this should clear up any confusion as to our policies on the matter. The only other area where you may want to use credits would be in the Photo Corner. The same rules would apply in that if it isn't your work you should note it. Note: The guidelines have been updated to reflect our position. 08/19/08

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