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DELTA 2nd May 2015 07:51 PM

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This is an ISIS model that was posted here about a week ago. I retextured the ISIS model and added to the scene with models and texturing of my own. I hope you like it

overseer 2nd May 2015 08:47 PM

That looks very nice. Great lighting, and I like the glas and mirrors!

SG_Stargazers 2nd May 2015 08:49 PM

Very nice, the image is of course top notch, but I really like the angle you've chosen. First rate composition all round.

Rigel 2nd May 2015 08:58 PM

Everything about this looks great. Nice to see you doing something again. Nicely done with the refraction on the glass.

DELTA 6th May 2015 06:46 AM

Thank you...

tension69 18th May 2015 02:40 PM

Good job Delta, nice looking figure too !

bmckain 2nd Jun 2015 01:26 PM

I don't know how you guys do it but every month is a challenge to decide who makes the front-page. Some of you had multiple images, each of which could and should have been there. So here's a huge congrats on this being one of the images for this months change over.

DELTA 9th Jun 2015 04:40 PM

Wow, Thank you...

Treybor 25th Aug 2015 03:09 PM

Missed this the first time through! Well done.

DELTA 25th Aug 2015 05:01 PM


Originally Posted by Treybor (Post 309179)
Missed this the first time through! Well done.

That means a lot Sean, thank you.

Rigel 25th Dec 2016 08:24 AM

I am going to close this thread as it has lately become the target of spammers. Probably because it has the word Isis in the title and they think it has to do with certain political issues occurring in the world.

They are, of course, idiots.

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