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avstral2 24th May 2015 02:59 AM

Futuristic City
Hi All!
It's been around a year and now this futuristic city is finally finished!
Why did it take so long? I blame destiny, procrastination, destiny, alcohol, other projects, destiny and work. Did I mention destiny?
I want to thank the community for all their help and support.

The work presented here is 7200px wide.The final image is 28800px for a 2400mm print @ 300dpi.

Submitted below are some full res fragments.

For those who want to know how this was done, the WIP thread is here:

And for those who want to experiment with the architecture, please follow the link below to download the buildings collection used in this image.

Please enjoy viewing/playing as much as i have enjoyed building...

Rigel 24th May 2015 01:29 PM

That turned out very beautiful!

Treybor 24th May 2015 03:25 PM

That is very nice. Very clean.

avstral2 27th May 2015 04:56 AM

Thanks guys. This was barrels of fun! Maybe one day i'll even get it printed...

Meurig 27th May 2015 07:07 AM

I really like the ambition of this, it turned out quite nicely :)

One thing your final image really needs is depth hazing. Looking through atmosphere like that the buildings in the background would be really hazed out to near flat grey.

avstral2 27th May 2015 07:19 PM

Meurig, there is actually plenty of haze. 12 km is where the value reaches 100%. The city isn't as big as it seems. The reference images I used don't have a lot of fog either.

Bishop 29th May 2015 08:11 AM

Looks beautiful. Only crit I saw is that all the people are holding their arms at the exact same angles. It's not as noticeable on the men - their arms are closer to being down by their sides, but the women are holding them out at a fairly odd and unnatural-looking angle.

Amras 29th May 2015 09:22 AM

Really nice work.
But the horizon does look a bit empty. Maybe you could add distant mountains or something.

avstral2 30th May 2015 08:26 PM

Bishop, you are right. I'll have to make some corrections on the people. I missed that detail on such a large render.

With regards to the empty horizon, i'm gonna have to stick to my guns on that one. Here is one of the reference images I used:

The difference is that my camera position is a lot lower. As you can see the horizon just sort of falls away as the city is located on a plain.

bmckain 2nd Jun 2015 01:26 PM

I don't know how you guys do it but every month is a challenge to decide who makes the front-page. Some of you had multiple images, each of which could and should have been there. So here's a huge congrats on this being one of the images for this months change over.

avstral2 4th Jun 2015 02:31 AM

Wooo!!! Thanks guys.

lightborne 18th Oct 2016 03:16 PM

Absolutely gorgeous!

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