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GrahamTG 9th Mar 2019 09:22 AM

A couple of shots of Meurig's Explorer class model.

Amras 9th Mar 2019 11:32 AM


Oldcode 9th Mar 2019 04:23 PM

Awesome! :D

tension69 9th Mar 2019 05:01 PM

Looks like you used the orthoganal camera lens...

tension69 10th Mar 2019 06:08 PM

As requested per your PM Graham :-

Try not to crash that Explorer eh? :D

Oldcode 10th Mar 2019 09:53 PM

That's a really cool tutorial! Thanks! :D

Tony Gardner 11th Mar 2019 08:40 AM

Wow, love them Graham, excellent work as always.

**Edit** There are some nasty shadow artefacts on the terminator of the planet in both images, nothing that detracts too much though.

GrahamTG 11th Mar 2019 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by tension69 (Post 332307)
As requested per your PM Graham :-

Try not to crash that Explorer eh? :D

Fantastic !


tension69 12th Mar 2019 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by GrahamTG (Post 332316)
Fantastic !


You're welcome,it took like 5 mins of my time and really I should post a lot more tutorials as it gives a warm fuzzy feeling helping people out. And let's face it, a number of you have helped me over the years too !

red bellpeppers 14th Mar 2019 02:32 PM

I'm digging this

DigitalOrigami 15th Mar 2019 11:36 AM

Those are really beautiful

Eden 2nd May 2019 06:21 PM

Just haven't lost your touch when it comes to the artistic renders........just brilliant.....!!

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