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bmckain 24th Jan 2008 12:27 PM

Reference Index

Index of Refractive Values by JeffrySG


Colour Charts

Simmer's Paint Shop by Rigel


Fokker D VII


Spad 13

Spad 13 by GILMORE


A-26C Invader

A-26C Invader by Bishop


B-17 Photos by bmckain
B-17 at Tulare, CA by bmckain

B-24M Liberator

B-24M Liberator by Bishop

B-25J Mitchell

B-25J Mitchell by Bishop

B-29A Superfortress

B-29A Superfortress by Bishop


P-40N by bmckain


P-47D by bmckain

Warbird Reference Images

Warbird images on request by Rob

Macchi C.205V Veltro

Macchi C.205V Veltro by GILMORE


A-10 Warthog

A-10 Warthog by Shrubery

Avro Vulcan

Avro Vulcan by Bishop

B-29A Superfortress

B-29A Superfortress by Bishop

B-52D Stratofortress

B-52D Stratofortress by Bishop

RB-36 Peacemaker

RB-36 Peacemaker by Bishop

F-14D Tomcat

F-14D Tomcat Details by Bishop

F/B-111A Aardvark

F/B-111A Aardvark by Bishop

SR-71 Blackbird

SR-71 Blackbird Materials by Bishop


Heat Distortion

Jet Heat Distortion by bmckain

Jet Exhaust

Jet Exhaust by bmckain

Hughes AIM-4 Falcon AAM

Hughes AIM-4 Falcon AAMt by Bishop


Curtis JN4-D

Curtis JN4-D by bmckain

The Turner Special

The Turner Special by GILMORE

Wright Flyer

Wright Brother's Flyer by bmckain

Boeing 747

Klm 747 by Rigel - Nazi Camo & Colors + more - Vought Aircraft - Mostly Photos, Some B/P - Nice List. Not English - Some of Everything - Dryden Research Some eps to. ww1 nieuport site seaplanes russian cockpits Aviation close up pics great 3 views, walkarounds, more...

Anatomy - Character Sheets. Anime mostly.


Attachment 33900


Insects - Insects of all kinds.


Spanish Treasure

Pirate Booty by bmckain - Some of Everything ships...

Car, Trucks, RV's

36 Pontiac Custom

36 Pontiac Custom by bmckain

55 Chevy - Some of Everything - Car plans published in Model Cars magazine

55 Chevy Reference Photos by Cybit

57 Chevrolet 210 Del Ray

57 Chevrolet 210 Del Ray by bmckain

57 Chevy

57 Chevy Reference Photos by bmckain

57 Ford Thunderbird

57 Ford Thunderbird by bmckain

59 Ford Thunderbird

59 Ford Thunderbird by bmckain

57 Ford Fairlaine 500 Skyliner

57 Ford Fairlaine 500 Skyliner by bmckain

61 Metropolitan

61 Metropolitan by bmckain

65 Mustang

65 Mustang by bmckain

66 Batmobile

66 Batmobile by bmckain

89 Batmobile

89 Batmobile by bmckain

LS7 Camaro

LS7 Camaro by bfx

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth 59 Outlaw

Ed "Big Daddy" Roth 59 Outlaw by bmckain

Ferrari 630 Scuderia

Ferrari 630 Scuderia by swoed

DeTomaso Panteras

Ferrari 630 Scuderia by Rigel

Aston Healey

Ferrari 630 Scuderia by Rigel

1973 Chevy Aerovette

Ferrari 630 Scuderia by Irrational

Volkner Mobile

Volkner Mobile RV With Garage by bmckain

Tire Treads

Tire Treads by Elowan


Tanks, Carriers, Transports

Universal (BrenGun) Carrier by TheWharGoul

'Zubr' / Pomornik class Russian hovercraft

'Zubr' / Pomornik class Russian hovercraft by Starbase1

Tanks - Some of Everything

Weapons Swords, daggers, armor, medieval, renaissance weapons


Heckler and Koch USP by CrippledPidgeon

Heavy Artillery

M114 155mm Howitzer by Cybit
Spanish 12 Pound Canon by bmckain



Buck Rogers and BSG

Buck Rogers and BSG by Taranis

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Photos by JeffrySG

Bsg Ship References by Escelce

Logan's Run

Sandman gun blueprint by KorbenD

Star Gate

Internal: Puddle Jumper by Oscaron

Star Wars (Tipped by Jeffry - Thanks Jeff!)

Star Wars Detailed Prop Pics by gfx

V - Vistors


Mothership by members

Spacecraft - The Model Builders Reference Vault



City Backgrounds

City Photos by Kojocci

Earth, Space

NASA Backgrounds

NASA Backgrounds by NASA

Moon Backgrounds

Moon Backgrounds by Alec Trevelyan

Satellite Images - External Links

Visible Earth by NASA

Aster by NASA


Digital Globe by Digital Globe

GeoEye by GeoEye

Astro Photography

Astro Photography by bmckain


Nebula Backgrounds by bmckain


Forest Backgrounds

Forest Backgrounds by bmckain

High Country Backgrounds

High Country Backgrounds by JackN


Road Backgrounds

Road Backgrounds by bmckain

Roads - 2/17/08

Roads - 2/17/08 by bmckain

European Roads

European Roads - 2/17/08 by Tiffany McKain

Denmark Roads - 5/23/11 by Tiffany McKain

Roads in the Badlands

Badlands 5/04/10 by bmckain

Sky, Clouds

Cloud Backgrounds

Cloud Backgrounds by bmckain
Sky and Ground Backgrounds by CrippledPidgeon
Boise to SLC by bmckain
Grand Canyon by bmckain
SLC to Phoenix by bmckain
Phoenix to Atlanta by bmckain
Mt Hood - Portland by bmckain
Chicago 05 by bmckain
San Francisco to Sydney by bmckain
Meekatharra to Perth WA by bmckain
Perth to Sydney by bmckain
Sydney to San Francisco by bmckain
San Francisco to Boise by bmckain


EMD FP10 by bmckain New York subway (just few models have plans: R37, R41...)

Various Reference Pictures - The Model Builders Reference Vault

Buildings and Architecture medivial architecture - cathedrals

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