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Default Virtual Sets for Online Classes

Just wanted to give a quick update on what I've been doing while I've not been working on my spaceships for the past couple years. Namely, work. For the past few years, I've worked for the University of California, Santa Cruz, as part of a video production team creating on-line classes for a program called Scout, with the ultimate goal that every High School student in the state should have access to all courses necessary to earn admission to a California public university, regardless of circumstances (for instance, kids in rural areas or small towns where there weren't enough students to support a wide range of electives and advanced courses).

Most of my day to day work was video editing and assembling actual lessons, but I don't understand how to show editing in a reel and don't want to do any more of it, so let's go straight to the 3D work I did. All Lightwave, with Photoshop and After Effects support for texturing and compositing, and, technically, some early experiments with Substance Painter on exactly one object).

Most of it ended up being virtual sets for our instructors (all shot on greenscreen) to be placed in. I pushed for the opportunity to create more realistic environments for them than just some generic wallpaper or gradient. More images and detailed descriptions are on my blog, along with some miscellaneous animations and renders I did to support specific lessons.

I expect to have a couple of fresh reels done this weekend, including one that's all educational work, so I'll update the thread then.
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