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Default Tutorial: PBR Image Mappping in LW2018

I'm slogging my way through, learning 2018. At work, I've got 2015, but can't justify the deadline time hit of OJT by bringing in 2018 just yet. As I learn new techniques, I create tutorials to reinforce what I've learned and archive in my home/work tutorial folders for later reference.

Physically-Based Rendering is a pretty huge subject, so this tutorial can't hope to cover everything. When I first started learning Lightwave, it seemed the majority of online tutorials would gloss over something important, or assume I knew something the writer did. The result was I would get only so far before coming to a screeching halt with no idea why I couldn't get the same results.

I've tried to eliminate any guesswork in this tute. It's written at a very basic level, so for any of you giving it a shot, ignore what you already know.

Any critiques are always welcome, and I'll include any useful suggestions for a later release.

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