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Originally Posted by starship View Post
After seeing the title, I got surprised "Ouch!!! Katana (from Scifi-Art) and his ship returned!!" But after seeing that you´re the wip owner and the first post in this thread, I figured it was a completelly different story.
Yeah, I recall the "other" Katana class. I don't think Jester was even aware of it when he named Coronado's class, though. I was, but I didn't have a role in picking the name, and I'm not going to change an aspect of the game lore just because it conflicts with someone else's choice of name.

Therefore, I remember of Coronado´s site. Never played there, but visited the site from time to time. I think that Coronado also figured in some rendereings posted in the old Star Trek Australia, I´m right?
Not that I ever authorized, to my knowledge. If they lifted stuff off of the Coro site, they did so in violation of the site's terms of use and without my consent.

They may have used Mark's older Nova mesh renderings, though. Obviously, I wouldn't have any say in where those get used.

Interesting to see the influences and convergent ideas... Mark has his own site running these days, and his most famous starship (the Insignia class) has a saucer (and other thingies) to much similar to the Coronado.
Every similarity between Mark's Insignia and Coronado stem from that original drawing Rick Sternbach did for the STTNG TM.

I made an infographic to explain.

The old Discovery Class built by Dan Crout back in 2002/03, has a deflector with this same unusual shape, as the new Discovery class built by Andrew (based upon Joshua Samuelson, A.K.A. Madeinjapan1988´s schematics) back in 2007/08.
Given that Dauntless showed up in 1998, that isn't surprising. That style of deflector almost certainly stems from Dauntless's appearance in VOY, introducing the quantum slipstream drive (which Coronado, being a ship from a time 25 years after VOY, possessed).

About your new version, I do like it, but I think the sec hull still needs some development. It looks a bit.... hummm... blocky for now.
Oh yes. There's still a ways to go in refining the shape! That said, some of the blockiness is deliberate. I want her to look like she's a hunchbacked brute, rather than a sleek and elegant explorer.

Hey, as a side note, I see you´re almost an old man, as me. Do you know the old 3d-gladiators and scifi-art groups/sites?
Sure do! Seeing some of the old, old Sci-Fi Art stuff is one of the things that got me motivated to learn 3D in the first place.

A couple of minor updates, most of which are barely-visible tweaks to the geometry and clean-up. The "chin" still needs a lot of massaging, as do other parts of the cage, but I'm not going to worry about it too much until I need to actually freeze it. Cleaning up the cage only to add more detail usually means all that cleanup is for naught!

Then tells you when or next, than lets you compare. It's easy!

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