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Started adding detail to the modular wedges, in the form of Deck 3's windows!

The windows and rooms are a bit more complex than on my Ambassador. There, the windows were just cut-outs in the hull, with full-emissive UV-mapped texture boxes behind them. This time around, the windows have two polygon layers of actual "glass" that includes a slightly glossy surface. The rooms are still UV mapped boxes, but the shader is more complex: the "top" of the box is full emissive, but the rest of the room is a mixture of diffuse with emissive hotspots. In other words, the rooms are not just providing light, they're also being lit this time. Should make for somewhat more realistic looking interiors...not that you'll usually see anything this close-up anyway.

I also did away with my old lighting rig and have gone to a single "sun" lamp model now, with all of the fill light provided by indirect bounce and tone mapping.
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