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More grids and loads of time wasted on setting up mapped bussards as temps. (still seem to take forever to render) whilst doing this it seems adjusting and resetting the render settings now has self lum objects blowing things out. I have adjusted some of it but you can see it really well in white lights. Go fig. Upper saucer grids are as temp as the lower ones as I decide how to deal with spacing on the horz lines. As well as how the grids dead end into the bulkhead. TMP model they just ended into the wall which was just coped to the saucer profile vs being puttied in or any other sense of making it part of the hull.

Grids are only 1" wide and using a black paint material so likely I will use a tinted material later on or extrude the grids on a bevel so they wont be so pronounced. I have yet to decide if the grids will run right up to the bridge super like on the connie or end just before.
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