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LOL I keep rattling on about those things that are in a tri formation on the connie and keep forgetting they are constantly labeled as docking hard points. They are labeled as such on miranda documentation, though I dunno how canon any of that is. (IE official printworks) Either way likely have to rethink that ribbed crap as well it is pointless shaving hard points in the locations I have them etc.
Render just shows a mess of fill ports and emergency venting nozzles. As well as emergency antimatter containment ejection hatches. YES they would interfere with a roll bar but I think they rethink the layout later on as making them dump between the nacelles sounds a bit brainless to me. Debating if I will add all the grid lines over this flat surface and the TNG ship is full of panel lines and grids bumps and random stuck on bits of styrene cubes. Likely make these fill nozzles inset vs just stuff stuck on as they are now. Mostly deciding how they look and if I like the positions.

belly render as I messed about with things a bit here too. Mostly adjusting heights and spacing of bits. Do need to figure out how I want to end the gridwork in this area too and to unify the "tacked" on details better.
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