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Well got 4 decks of windows and it looks easily cluttered with holes. I might actually pull some of these off as it does look like too many, even if this is a ship recently built given the connie was already 25yrs old at this stage. (2245~2265~6) The saucer will have unique layout all round but the window farms will just be mirrored. One thing I do not think i will manage is to squash 3 rows of holes on the forward facing bulkheads above the saucer.

Oh interesting fact those vents at the rear of the saucer that I saw had little dishes inside (photo ref) are labled as nav deflectors on some of the blues I found. SO yeah heh. I also took off those podiums that I had those ribbed bits on. I dunno if I will replace them with some other element or not.

Currently opinion is 2:5 against clear windows so likely I will be placing clear glass in.
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