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Default B5Scrolls Ė Iíve painted myself in a corner.

There’s a fair bit of stuff been put together for the update to the site – but the big problem is those little rotating ship animations.

Back in the day I put around 140 of them together during various past updates – roughly half were fan models off the web while the other half I put together with a very basic bit of software called Ulead Cool 3D productions – and that’s what was also used to create the animation sequence which was then transferred over to Flash . . . . . At the time (long before html5) that was the best solution.

Anyway. Flash isn’t an option these days (and hasn’t been for a while, but I’m only now getting round to updating the site). . . . . and here’s the problem. I can’t do it. At least half properly.

I’m using HTML5 to show MP4’s and they’re great when someone else renders a sequence of images which I then slap together for the animation. But there’s 140 designs on the site, and that’s a lot of rendering. I’m just unable to do it – I’ve got an old XP based system which is on its last legs.

So is anyone up for rendering out some of the great fan made models kicking around. Even one or two would help. Simple 360 rotation over 500 frames around 700px wide and as tall as it needs to be.

It’s a big ask, due to the time needed to render something like that out at any kind of quality – and I hate asking, I really do - but like I said, I’ve sort of painted myself into a corner with the way the update has taken place. The simple option – maybe the sensible one - is to just drop that section with the animations behind the ‘mode’ button, its only a small part of the site’s content.

There are a couple of people already helping – but I’m *very* conscious of the fact that they’re doing it as a favour to me and tying up their machines for hours at a time. Here’s a link to the Vorchan ship – the screen is just a quick WIP.

If you’re on a mobile it’s 50/50 if you’ll be able to see it. Anyway. Spreading the load so to speak, even a little, would make keeping that section on the site a more realistic option – hence the ask.
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