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Here’s link to the list of ships.

Highlighting so many designs on the site is one of those ideas that seemed like a good one at the time – when working alone. Now, it looks a bit excessive.

Up until this point it’s just been a case of pick a ship and rendering out a sequence of around 500 PNG’s and uploading them so I can grab them. It’s handy as I can fix some of those little visual niggles that can crop up in some frames – so it saves re-renders. Then they’re combined to make the MP4’s (they run at 30 fps).

If anyone else is mad enough to help out : ) giving an indication of what ones you want to do is probably best, and I can update the list to show you’re working on it – so that will cut out duplication in effort.

Basically, I’m trying to see if the previous list of ships on the site is still doable with new animations – which I can’t actually produce on my own now. Maybe cutting back on the number or leaving some without animations is the way to go. Have I mentioned I did (and do) hate asking for help with this.

The only other thing I’ll need is the name of who’s 3D models are being used – so the correct credit can be given.

BTW. I just realised I haven’t mentioned this. Those 70 or so models I put together originally for the flash animations have long since been misplaced. But they couldn’t have been used now anyway – they were horrible, badly built with bits floating and not even touching, OK for tiny low res flash but not much else.
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