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Second lesson of win10, lock all network shares and disable full access or it will delete anything it THINKS is bad. Including anything with the word KEY or GEN. Lost a list of software keys and licenses I use for copy paste vs reading type on a crapload of dvds and cds i cannot even use on most pcs here. Also likely lost some images and files, god only knows as I had close to 6tb of shared folders. Still have not found what it is that is doing this to stop it so I might have wasted 1500usd on a pc I cannot connect up to my network for fear of it running amuck in a worse fashion than any VIRUS or Mallware I have ever had on a system INCLUDING blaster.

Can clearly say it is not Storage sense, and not defender as all of that bullshit is turned off. Installing winrar and amd drivers was enough to turn that crap off. Hell just copying the exe files was annoying enough.
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