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I'd say "ultimate" isn't an exaggeration. Modeling the aztec pattern is above and beyond.

You've got a good start on the pearlescent hull, too. When I was playing with the surfacing of Dennis Bailey's Enterprise, I found a setting in Lightwave called "Color Highlights" that helped me match the TMP effect. I don't know what the Cinema4D equivalent would be, but for Lightwave's setting, 0% caused specularity hits and reflections to be entirely the color of the light or object generating them, while 100% would make the highlight match the color of the surface it's applied to. Dennis's color maps already had very subtle color paneling that was next to invisible in renders, but when I pumped the "Color Highlights" up to something like 700%, it simulated the TMP effect of the colors only showing up in spec hits on the paint, and the model looking nearly flat white in direct light.
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