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Originally Posted by David cgc View Post
I love it. I hope the Spacedock team was on the ball when it came to stripping the fixtures out of the ship when it was slated to be decommissioned and it made it onto the -A, -B, and I guess -C is where it would've met it's fate.

I'm curious about the lights in the garden. Are you planning to add a texture to them? Based on the blue color of the garden when viewed from some angles, I assumed that the ceiling and walls projected a holographic sky-dome (I think you can even see a cloud in the last shot of TMP, though that could be a reflection on the window).
Yeah I'm on the fence about that. There's really not a lot documented about the gardens - probably because it was never actually shown on film. I'm going to so something along those lines with a sky texture; I'm just not sure if it'll be the whole ceiling or just a partial section of it. When looking back at the film I can see that it appears that the windows themselves have a blue tint to them - which may be where everyone is seeing sky.
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