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Default Update

I got a few things done and a few things started...

As mentioned before I went back and re-worked the sundial / dedication plaque. It's no longer a sundial per se; it is an astrolabe, which I thought a bit more appropriate. The design of the pedestal is more in line with TMP.

With that final change, I believe I am finished with the botanical gardens. Knowing myself, I will probably be tweaking the textures throughout the whole process... but I do that with everything. I still need to texture the walls, but that can wait.

Next up I had an idea for the Personnel Hatches on the saucer. The red line and text is based on Mr. Scott's Guide, but I thought I'd try to see what it would look like to have some sort of mechanism visible. I know that the designers of the refit originally wanted to keep any sort of greebles to a minimum and so I am going against that. But here you go. I'm not sure myself which way to go...

Lastly, I started on the officers' lounge - or VIP lounge if you prefer. This is really rough at the moment. Again, the design is based on Mr. Scott's Guide with a few variations by myself; however, the base model is a soon-to-be heavily edited version of the great interior package available here at F3D by David Gian-Cursio.

It's funny. When I started this project, it was to incorporate small detailed graphic elements on the outer surface of the model. But realizing that in order to do that well, I needed to put more detail into the entire thing has led me down this strange path of hull panels, interior details, etc.; and that adding in those graphic details to the hull will probably end up being one of the very last things I do to this. But no worries. I'm having fun. And that's what it's all about.
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