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Default Update

I got the officers' lounge to a point where I like it. I threw in a bunch of little easter eggs and nods to the original series. In the little snack/bar area off to the side, I modeled the integrated table and chairs set from Kirk's quarters as seen in TMP. There's also a food replicator unit in there. And the old style tulip chairs from TOS make an appearance off to the other side. I had messed around with the idea of putting some Koi fish in the little pool, but then I thought that would be a bit too much. I dunno... Maybe later. Anyway, here are some renders:

I also realized that I will probably at some point have to up my scene scale. Octane is a physical based render engine and I think my objects are just way to small to get the lighting just the way I want it. Anyway, that's for another time. I think the next thing I tackle will be some details to the outer hull panelling. I've been putting it off because it'll be really time consuming... Still having fun though...
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