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Originally Posted by David cgc View Post
I'm interested in what sort of compromises you made to fit so much Rec Deck into the saucer. I can see you made it wider in relation to the windows, and a bit shorter, but I'm still surprised by how deep it goes into the saucer, and that you had any room for that funky tapering ceiling.

My thought for the upper level of the gym was that that open floor was ringed by a running track. It'd a bit cramped for it, but I'd seen something similar before. My university's gym had an indoor track on the second floor where the center was open. It might've been meant to that the track could be used for spectator space when games were going on in the courts on the ground floor, but I never saw that happen.
The Recreation Deck fits in very nicely into the saucer. I based the model on a mix of your window boxes and the floor plan from Mr. Scott's. As far as compromises go, I did have to lower the ceiling a bit. As a result, I needed to adjust the sizes turbolifts and the alcove; but I was careful to make sure that it "looked right" even if it wasn't actually physically right. But making it a bit wider and adding depth wasn't really a problem... there's plenty of room inside the saucer as you can see in the renders below.

Basically I've been using a section of corridor and a human figure to gauge the overall size of a room and how it would fit into the actual structure. At first, I was making sure everything was of the correct measurements, but I eventually just started eyeballing everything based on the relationship to size of the corridor and the human figure. I've completed three or four interiors so far and using this method seems to be working.

The tapered ceiling that connects the saucer wall to the Recreation Deck ceiling was foreshortened quite a bit in order to fit. But I remembered hearing the filmmakers using forced perspective in the engine room and so I thought it wouldn't be out of the question to use a similar cheat to be able to fit the tapered ceiling in.

Regarding the gymnasium, I agree with you about the upper level track. I'm also planning on making the entire section a bit wider.
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