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Default Update

More interiors are the main course in this update. Specifically, I've started on the the outer ring of Deck 6, which includes meeting rooms, the theater/chapel and dining halls. I've been enjoying doing these rooms because they've really never been seen on film. So I'm adapting my deck plans and blueprint sources by adding bits and pieces of my own design here and there. I'm still tweaking the ceilings, walls and details and such - I still don't have them exactly the way I'd like them - but for the most part these are completed.

The briefing rooms are loosely based on existing designs from deck plans and Mr. Scott's Guide. The room in the middle on my deck plans say that it is unused and so it was pretty much empty. I didn't like that, so I put in a sort of ancillary control room type of thingy.

The dining halls were very simple according to my plans. I have fallen in love with the modular table and chair set from Kirk's quarters and so I've populated the dining halls with them. I've also put some artwork up on the walls. They are concept illustrations from Phase II by Mike Minor; various matte paintings from TOS; and concept illustrations from TMP by Robert McCall.

Last up is the theater/chapel. I've been going back and forth as to what kind of theater this is exactly... when it's not being used as a chapel. Do they do live performances in there? Is it a movie theater? So I decided it is all of the above. So I put in sound barriers on the walls and a stage as well as a screen. The adjoining room is supposed to be a sort of workshop for the theater/chapel and so it is populated by a long workspace and lots of storage compartments.

I've started working on signage and labels and markings for the outer hull. THIS was the reason I started this project in the first place. No where near done with those yet, but work has begun. As it is right now, my model is about 1.3GB. I know it'll come down once I start optimizing things, but probably not by much, so I think if I end up making this available for download, I'll probably have to split it up into components. But that's still quite a ways off.
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