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Default Update

I've been away from the office for the past week and a half which means two things: I've had a loot of time to continue modeling the various interiors for the Enterprise; and I don't have access to my beloved Octane Render. So any images posted today will be simple, one-color renders with a little bit of AO included and no textures.

First up are the meeting rooms on Deck 6. This also completes the interiors for Deck 6. These interiors are about 70% complete and I intend to add some things here and there once I get into texturing. I find that I normally do about 75% of the modeling, then move into texturing and, during that process, I tend to add little extra bits and stuff to make the whole model "come together. " That process is especially present when I'm working in Octane - with its real time response making it very easy and quick to finalize a look for something.

My reference materials say the outer section of Deck 7 is ringed with corridors. So... May I present a ring of corridors!

The visible interiors of Decks 8 and 9 of the saucer consist of the phaser rooms and lower observation rooms. I thought it would be cool to put in a backup weapons console (as seen on the bridge) in these rooms. There is also a freestanding computer control unit that appears in the engineering section of the Enterprise. This unit in real life has been reused many times over in the other films and in TNG and DS9 as random machinery. I thought I would use that in the phaser room as a nod to that usage and - since it originally came from engineering - to communicate that the new phasers are tied into the warp engines. The observation rooms are part of a circle of corridors and are slightly elevated with a railing viewing windows that are pretty much in the floor.

And with that, we are done with the saucer section interiors. On to the neck section. I decided to model the entire neck section in one go. I did this mostly because there are quite a few elements that traverse the entire neck section and it was relatively simple. My references contradicted themselves on these sections quite a bit and so I found myself leaving somethings out of some rooms and putting things in to other rooms - basically incorporating elements from all of my references in order to make something that I thought looked cool.

I do want to go back in and figure out some ceiling and wall bracing for this section... and probably for the all the interiors as well. I like the look of all the interiors so far, but I think they are missing something that really communicates "starship interior" rather than just "room." So more interior ceiling and wall explorations are needed. Anyone have any thoughts on that just let me know.

That's all for now. More later...
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