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Default Update

It's been a month since I've updated this... that's the trouble with doing a "side project;" it's the first thing that goes away when you get busy with real life. Anyway, lots of progress to report - I'll probably put several updates out over the next couple of days. I've finished modeling all of the interiors! Still have a quite a bit of texturing to do on the cargo bay / shuttle bay, which was the last interior to do. That was a bit of a struggle to get that to fit along with the other interiors in the secondary hull. But it's all good.

I wasn't going to model the shuttle bay at all. My plan was to model only what one can see from the windows. But there's a string of windows near the ass end of the secondary hull on Deck 16. From those windows you can see into a corridor that runs along the length of the hull - but near the rear of the hull, it opens onto an observation deck that looks out over the shuttle bay. So I thought, "Crap. I have to model the shuttle bay." It actually didn't take me as long as I thought - mostly because it's so damned modular. There are really only a handful of elements that needed to be made - then it was copy and paste for a few days.

All that to say and I don't have any renders of the shuttle bay yet. Hopefully, by next week I'll have a few to show... In the meantime, here are some interiors from the secondary hull.

As I've mentioned before, the things I am having fun with the most are the things that haven't been seen on screen. So I can make them however I want them to look like... within reason of course. An example of this is the emergency transporter room on Deck 20. Lots of fun with this one.

Most of the interiors in the secondary hull are pretty much a mashup of corridors, Jefferies Tubes and lounges.

I did get to make up a damage control room which turned out pretty cool...

.. and one of the cargo transporters that sit on either side of the cargo deck.

So that's it for now. I still have a few more interiors to post, but that can wait. Till then...
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