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Default UPDATE - Assistance Needed

So I've been working on the docking ports - getting in all the little bits of detail and what not... and I've run across an issue on which I'd like to get your collective opinion.

I'm trying to figure out the numbering of the docking ports. From what we've seen in the films, the port side port on the secondary hull is #5. The port side torpedo docking port is #4 - although they were shown docking at the secondary hull port, Kirk and crew arrive in the torpedo room which was labeled #4. When Spock docks the Surak in TMP we see Chekov waiting at airlock #3 - which is also labeled externally as "A." You can see where I'm getting tripped up here. There's no real canon logic to this because they were just making movies and try as they might, some things just didn't make sense.

Anyway, using the fact that we know ports 3/A, 4 and 5; I came up with this numbering reference. My question is: did I miss anything that creates a conflict with this numbering scheme? Or am I going way over the edge on this project in general?

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