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Default Update

Things are happily busy at work once again, but I'm managing to do some work on this from home every once in a while.

Anyway, so Iíve been continuing on with putting on all the little exterior graphic bits and signs and stuffÖ and I am struggling computer-wise. Right now, my project is 2.46GB and consists of almost 30 million polygonsÖ

Iím no where near done adding all the little exterior graphic bits and signs and stuff. At this moment, all I have is the neck, the secondary hull and the nacelle pylons completedÖ and thatís only for one side. And Iím only able to render the model in sections; which up to now hasnít been a problem... but now it is. Not to mention it takes a good 5 minutes just to save the file...

So I think itís time for some serious optimizing and cleanup. I had planned on doing this once everything was completed, but I obviously canít wait until then. So Iím saying goodbye to the creative work in favor of reducing polys, instancing objects, cleaning up meshes, etc. Not very fun work at all, but in the long run itíll be so much better. If I run across something worthy of posting while Iím doing all this Iíll let you all know. But in the meantime, wish me luck!
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