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Default Update

So things have finally started to slow down at work. Just in time for Christmas break and then the new year s already looking to be just as busy as the last. Ah well... job security, right?

Anyway, today I finally managed to get caught up to where I was when I went "off grid" in terms of poly reduction, instancing and optimizing. All the little graphic details on the secondary hull, pylons and the neck have been completed. I only have a few interiors left to optimize and so I will be alternating between doing those and adding all my graphic bits and pieces to the rest of the exterior.

I'm starting to put all the little graphic details on the nacelles now and although I have just begun - meaning there's not much more on this than what is on the studio model - I thought I'd do a render to show...

Lastly, here's a nice front view of the Enterprise for your enjoyment - just because it's been forever since I've done a pretty render of the whole ship.

More to come later!
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