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Default Update

At work we are waiting for a few big projects to kick off and so Iíve had a little bit of down time, and so Iíve been able to get a lot done on my little side project here.

Long story short, I received a Polar Lights 1:350 Enterprise Refit model kit for Christmas and Iíve been going into full research and planning mode in order to get started on building it. As a result, I noticed that there were several areas on my 3D model where the aztecs were way off - specifically on the secondary hull and the nacelles. I know itíll never be EXACTLY the way it was in the film, but this was just too far off for my taste. So I went back in and redid a lot of the aztecs and - for about the six-hundredth time - adjusted the pearl materials a bit. I also tweaked the external lighting and rebuilt part of the nacelles and the bridge / B-C deck to get them a little bit more accurate. I love working with Al Dineltís 3D model, but there are a few areas that I thought could be improved.

Next up, I am thinking about packaging this baby once sheís completed. Meaning, if I try to sell it or if I end up putting it up for downloads here on Foundation3D, how exactly am I going to do that? The model is really really heavy - and for all of my optimizing and instancing, thatís probably not going to change very much. So I want to be able to build something smart so that other people would be able to enjoy working with this. So, as part of that thought process, I decided one thing that made a lot of sense was to do three sets of interiors. These interior sets would be drastically different in size and you could pick which set to use based upon what kind of render you were doing. I mean, it really doesnít make sense to have to load up a full 3D model of the interiors if you are only going to be rendering out a wide shot of the ship where you really canít even SEE any interiors. SoÖ

The first set is comprised of simple light panels inside the ship. This renders really fast and is perfect for wide shots;

The next set up is comprised of flat panels textured with renders of all the interiors Iíve been building. This is great for medium shots where you need a little bit more that just a brightly lit window passing by in your shot;

The third one would be the complete set up with the fully built-up 3D interiors that I have been posting for the last year or so on this thread.

Plus you can mix and match them as well. Iíve done some preliminary animations starting in the fully 3D botanical garden and then flying out the windows to see the exterior of the ship. I put in the 3D botanical garden and for the rest of the interiors, I used the flat renders. Nothing to show yet on that front because Iím still tweaking render settings for animation, but Iíll eventually post some for you all to see.

Finally, Iíve started to add the external graphic bits to the saucer sectionÖ beginning with the bridge. This is really one of the last things to do. Once the saucer section graphics are done, thatís it with the little graphic bits. Of course, because Iím an idiot, Iíve only put the graphic bit on the port side of the ship; so Iíll have to mirror those - smartly and efficiently, of course - to the starboard side.

Then, thereís final clean up on all of the geometry, organizing and naming all the parts, etc. So maybe I have a little bit more to do than I think, but dare I say Iím getting closer to the end of this project?
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