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Default Update

I've completed the exterior model. I've set up expression controls for various features in the model. For example, you can use a slider to change the deflector dish color form amber to blue... you can turn the exterior spotlights on or off... etc. Once I finish up the interiors - I will add controls for them as well.

I've made a short video demonstrating the controls as they are now, and uploaded it to the YouTubes...

However, there are several things I still need to do before I can call this totally completed:
1. Convert the exterior Octane materials to C4D standard materials
2. Tweak the interior models to fit inside the exterior model
3. Incorporate the interior models into the exterior model - not sure if this will be in one file or just a separate file sized to fit
4. Test and re-test all of the expression controls
5. Convert Octane materials for the interiors to standard C4D materials
6. Package up model(s) for TurboSquid or wherever it will be distributed
7. Make kick ass renders!

While I do all of that, you can look at a few more renders, including some orthos...

More later,
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