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Hello everyone, thank you for the positive feedback!

Mook, you are correct! Dune 2000 - House Artreides. I wasn't sure anyone would remember that! That was my favorite PC game of all time. I have the CD sitting here on my desk! :LOL:

Here are some more PICS....One PIC is just an old MR chrome test I did last year.
I deleted some of the grill pieces intersecting with the torpedo launchers and laser cannons so there is a hole for them to go through. I didn't like how that looked before.
I also fixed the hood (not shown). I had two seperate channels going down each side of the hood. On the actual hood the middle section is indented. The shadows in my reference pics threw me off. You can see the old hood in the 2008 chrome test to see what I'm talking about. Anyway, it's fixed now.

Things I plan to do for my next update:
1) add the black tinted border to the windshield
2) add more detail around the weapons behind the front grills (still thinking on that)
3) remove the disk brakes between the wheel glow and add something a little more futuristic looking (I have some ideas)
4) Add more detail to the underbelly

Number 4 is where I'm not sure how to proceed. Should I keep the bottom clean and smooth (maybe some fancy paneling), or should I add dirty pipes/greebles and stuff? Any opinions?

Last, I never modelled the side mirrors. Being that this car was designed for space flight/combat (:LOL:, hey, it's my movie...right!), I figured the mirrors should go. Plus I think it makes it look sleeker without them, once again, what do you think?

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