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Originally Posted by karbo View Post
Nice.How you do sparkles in Lambo model?
Do you mean the exhaust flares, or the shine off of the car? They were both done in post (After effects). I was using the Mental Ray Glare shader with a streak map for a while, but sometimes I wasn't happy with the results, especially during animation tests. I prefer the control you have in post.

The headlights and wheels are still using the glare shader, but I'm debating on changing them to self-illum and doing them in post as well. Both methods have their positives and negatives. I may do a combo method for those.

Originally Posted by salotti
Excellent Job!
Thank you, and thanks to everyone else for the positive feedback! Much appreciated!

I can't do a whole lot more on this until I get my new rig. Animations with the quality and resolution (1920x1080) that I want take waaaay too long to render. Ever try adding object motion blur in Mental Ray with a one million poly+ object! Not to mention particle blur and post work!!!

I really miss image motion fast....especially with particles, which I want the engine exhaust to be........but not with Mental Ray I guess. Anyone have any suggestions on that?
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