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Default Update

OMD! I'M FINISHED WITH THE INTERIORS! I can't believe I'm done with the interiors! I also can't believe I typed "OMG!" I'm a dork.

Anyway, I'm going to caveat this all to hell and back, but I finished the last interior today. These are all about 95% completed - there's still graphics and signage to be added and textures tweaked, etc., etc. So, here's the shuttle bay / cargo bay:

Next comes all the exterior goodies. I need to develop a plan on doing this because there's going to be literally hundreds of little graphics and signs and bits. I will use the images of the studio model as a guide and then figure out what I need to make and where to put everything. But it's all very exciting to be at this final creative step. Of course, then there's all the clean up, labeling materials, optimizing meshes, etc., but that'll come much later.

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