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I saw the new Star Wars movie this week and loved it. As someone who ran away from school at 16 to see the premiere of Star Wars, Sat directly behind Mark Hamill and his wife at Empires premiere, I love what those films did to me and my friends. It inspired us, it made us jump for joy and in many cases created a path to working careers. We all sat around talking about how cool it was.................. and until the second trilogy, we still did that, all on positive notes. Nowadays though, a growing number of people just seem to point out what is not, as aside to what is. A fan back in my days didnt spend all his time complaining and bitchin about details, directors, writers, visual effects, actors etc and then add one line at the end of................ dont get me wrong, I did like it. Most of the posts ive seen online are all about critique. It makes me laugh and shake my head in disbelief. I went into the cinema with no expectations and my experience was one of joy. I love it for what it is, not for what it could be. The story is no Author C Clarke or Robert Hienlen classic, its a basic fairy tale with not a great deal of depth, yet we fell in love with it. George Lucas created it, yet now poor George cops more shit than anyone. Now JJ is the target. I just find all of this rather pathetic considering the talent the guy has and also the fact Disney was not going to gamble on a billion dollar franchise. Some 30 years later they attempt to capture more of what the original trilogy had, and in my world, they achieved it. It gave me the nods to the original, the humor and a fresh depth clearly lacking in the second 3. I see this film as very well planned and developed. JJ should be proud as I am to watch his effort on this film. It had heart. Less green screen, practical effects and 3 new characters who didnt get outplayed by effects. I didnt walk away with any negatives and still today do not. I believe this film had more depth to it than any of the others. I just dont get how people call themselves fans of Star Wars, when they spend more time bagging it. I would welcome JJ to do the next one or the 3rd. I have absolutely no problem with him at all. I was certainly not happy with the second trilogy at all, so seeing the new one makes up for that and returned me to a world I grew up loving. Of course we are all untitled to our own opinions. I see far more to cheer about than to complain and winge about............. and for that alone makes watching it an absolute pleasure.
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