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Taking a break from this, hopefully not permanently, errr, but I realized the last update was a while back. Reds need redoing on Yoshika's top and still mulling over details. A mess of them go into her skirt hem and Seiga has a mess of blue details on her vest. I also want to see what I can do about her expression, since it looks so much different from the sketch. (odd how colour alters things)
I have no idea what BG it will get if anything more than gradients.

Originally Posted by Afalk View Post
Sweet ! and i like the trick of keeping paint daubs on the bg canvas.
Been doing this for a while issue is you will reference these too often vs really looking at how the colours change over a given area. IE light source temperature or colour tint will change as you get to the bits that are closest and often goof shadows. But with what I am painting here that isnt too much of a concern. So much anime like art lacks this bit of detail. I try to add it since it is a bit of a peve or one of those things I have fought with to get in my own work, I still suck at it. Though keeping a clean sampler of the colours on the canvas does help some since you can get tonality from the backdrop. That is if you know what your background is and how it will be lit. A bit useless if your like me who rarely thinks about backgrounds until the last min.
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