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The first mirror episode was the only good episode of this so far - uncomplicated story, which flowed reasonably well. (was this the Frakes episode?)

The whole klingon impersonator thing worked fine in TOS, not so well in TNG (how many times did they 'surgically alter' people to fit in as aliens? Worf seemed to take it without complaint! I wouldn't work in starfleet if they did that.) But in this, the klingons have been radically altered. Personality wise, and looks - with that massive head.

Seriously, a klingon altered to look human so that a human doctor with all that tech can't determine that he's NOT human? And being convincing enough with a human personality? Come on, that's just stupid. I'd have bought a human who has been brainwashed and a traitor by his torturers - that might have had some interesting relevance to todays political landscape, but that..... no.

This is written by idiots. Grown up ST needs to be grown up, and that includes really awful sci-fi ideas being thrown out. A bloody mushroom drive? Inter-dimensional mycellium network? Just no. Step one should have been a focus on the people, not the technology to make it a drama.

Anyway, I'll watch it until season end and then moan about it some more I guess. Roll on Tarantino. At least he writes coherent stories, so there's hope for the next movie.
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