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I'm not a fan. My biggest issue is they jacked up the silhouette by shortening the neck, and I think the overlarge detailing makes it look blobby and toy-like. The TMP nacelle struts are also not great. I agree they look better swept back, but they also don't look like the original Enterprise. It also doesn't seem to fit that well in with the other DSC ships, which were all very, very modular. I've heard part of that was to ensure the Enterprise would look unique, but they've made it too unique. It's like they grabbed a fan model from on-line and just dumped it into their show.

As for the episode itself, I thought it was overly rushed and pat with a wildly anticlimactic and implausible ending to the season arc, and the half-assed excuse for a cliffhanger made them seem desperate and self-concious. Even if they were committed to having a TOS crossover next year, they should've just saved it for next year, rather than committing themselves in the finale in the worst ways possible. Not that that's against type, they also got rid of the three characters with the most depth and potential, though they all have ways to come back, if they regret writing them off that much.

I was really enjoying DSC, but it's not great for my fanning that the last two episodes of the season were also the worst two episodes of the season.
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