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No, it's probably just the right time to assess.
  • There was no mention at all of LightWave in the press release (other than listing it as one of the trademarks of NewTek).
  • Maybe I missed them, but I can't remember the last time I read a trade article where LightWave was discussed (other than one of those dreary "LightWave is dead!" posts).
  • After 11 years it's time for me to build a new computer and I've been researching multiple sites for recommended components... no one discusses LightWave. No one. It's all Maya, 3ds Max, and Cinema 4D.

If the writing isn't on the wall, it seems to be crawling up the baseboards at least.

Originally Posted by gpdesigner View Post
Well... I guess I will save my pennies... buy LW 2019 and work with that for the next 20 years... too old to learn another 3d program...
Started with Inspire 3D in 1998, not going to stop now...
Nuts to that, I say! I bought myself 3ds Max and online classes for my 55th birthday. Never too old to learn something new.
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