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Default Wings of War -WIP - bmckain

I really didnít think I would enter the contest but you guys have inspired me to enter. As admin I disqualify myself from prizes but I will go through all the paces just like you are.

I drew up designs ideas but I have yet to scan those in so Iíll just start by adding my initial blocking concepts. Right now I am working out design flaws that I was unable to express in pencil and I am sure I will modify the engines though the design wonít be compromised in the process.

The concept is a heavy assault VTOL. The wings and engines are articulated to allow rotation of the engines themselves facilitating in more focused directional thrust. The tail is a twin boom design and there is horizontal stabilizer/elevator assembly spanning between them. What is not showing yet is this thing is armed to the teeth; that is yet to be added. I may bulk up the fuselage a bit to accommodate arms and munitions.

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