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Default Enterprise-Refit Interiors

For the past several months (I'm a slow modeler, what can I say?) I've been working on interiors for Dennis Bailey's movie-era Enterprise mesh. Since it's still my favorite spaceship, I'll be the first to admit I went into excessive detail on it, considering the size of most of the windows. Still, it does look pretty neat. Let's have some pictures:

I know the windows are a little dim. They're all individually lit, which is probably a bit wasteful, but it makes it simple to split them out for separate passes (which is my plan: boost the brightness on the windows by themselves so they better resemble the studio model while still having a bit of depth and dimension). It also means I can make a "red alert" version with the corridors and rooms bathed in red.

This version of the model is colored and detailed to match the Enterprise-Nil from the first three movies. The layout of the rooms is based more-or-less on the Strategic Designs blueprint set. I'm planning to retexture the model and replace some of the details (corridors, chairs, and consoles, mostly) to match the color scheme and sets from the Star Trek VI version of the Enterprise, as well (we can just agree to ignore the tan, TNG stylings of "The Final Frontier").

I've also got three swappable objects, based on locations that changed between the original Enterprise and the A. The officer's lounge under the bridge can be replaced with a dining room, the large shuttlebay from TMP can be swapped for the enclosed version from TFF, and the swirling, gaseous warp core from the early movies can exchanged for the pulsing TNG model. The idea is that I could easily mix-and-match to represent other Constitution class ships of varying configurations. I'm a big fan of the idea that sister-ships shouldn't be perfectly identical except for the name painted on the front.

Before I redress the model into TUC colors, I'm planning to make some crewpeople to fill up the rooms. My plan is UV map them, tweak the proportions to represent a few different basic appearances and uniform colors (maybe a dozen, tops) and duplicate and position them throughout the ship. By having the clothing covered by one UV texture map, I'm hoping I can easily replace the uniform textures and quickly make crews for every period of Starfleet, so I can just drop in, say, the First Contact uniform version of the crew if I'm doing a picture of a Constitution during the Dominion War.
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