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That's a lot of replies. Guess I touched a nerve.

Originally Posted by D-Jota View Post
Dude, you have a lot of material to show off and all it has cost you is several months? - You are anything but slow!
I know people who enjoy modeling more are faster. I was hoping to have something workable done in a month, which maybe I could've done if making cool fan art were my full-time job. Modeling is always like pulling teeth for me, which is why I avoid posting WIPs until I'm near the end of the line. Things tend to go much faster once I'm in the texturing and lighting stage.

Plus, I'm the one who knows how many times I opened Modeler, than spent a half-hour starting at blueprints and screen-caps before placing a wall then going to sleep.

Request: Can you post some more renders from inside some of the rooms/corridors themselves?
I'll run some off this evening. I wanted to get a lot of test renders done from the exterior so I could make sure everything fit together correctly (all the rooms had inner walls against the hull so there was no light leakage, nothing was poking out and making odd shadows on the surface of the ship, that sort of thing), but it looks like I've found everything.

Originally Posted by amdfe View Post
Stellar work, reallly. I do hope your refined mesh will be available one day. I think I would enjoy using this NCC-1701 version in an upcoming TMP project.
That's the plan. I went back and forth on it, since I don't want to put out a hacked-up version of Dennis's model, but I figured that all refit-Enterprises are going to be pretty much the same shape, so it should fit anyone's model with a little adjustment. My plan is to put it up in the "unfinished models" section here, and include some notes in the Read Me about how to modify the base model of the ship so it fits (but I just know that I'm going to see someone who doesn't read it and posts a render with three officer's lounges on top of each other ).

Originally Posted by overseer View Post
1) It allows for the ejection of the warp core through a hatch at the bottom of that secion, and...
2) It allows for the ejection of the anti-matter (anti-deuterium) pods, also located at the bottom of that section (the matter/deuterium pods are kept at the top of the core, so both matter and anti-matter can be injected at opposite ends and then meet the dilithium crystal in the middle of the core, which then focusses the reaction and the plasma energy stream is created, which, in turn, is necessary to power the warp coils within the engine).
3) If te warp core were in the 'neck' that connects the two sections, it would be right in the way of the torpedo launcher and loading system, plus you would have to have much longer plasma transfer conduits that transport the high energy plasma to the nacelles.
This was hit on by Andy3E, but I wanted to give my own thoughts.

I went with Probert's original intention for the arrangement of the warp core (visible in this drawing, also showing the TMP version of the cargo and hangar bays), where the warp core (or "linear intermix shaft" as it was called back in '79) is shaped like a sideways "T", with the vertical shaft extending from the impulse drive to the bottom of the ship, and the horizontal shaft splitting off near the top of the deflector dish and going back to the warp pylons, where it splits into a "Y" towards the engines. The dark panels (blue or gray-green depending on paint job or lighting) on the neck, upper engineering hull, and nacelle pylons overlay them. I imagine they're access panels for maintenance or replacing segments, or they can be blown away to eject damaged sections of the shaft.

Main engineering itself isn't visible since I only made rooms that could be seen from the outside of the ship. It's two decks below the torpedo bay, and one deck above the three pill-shaped windows that I have opening into a Jefferies Tube.

Some people like to scooch the core to the aft end of the neck, to make room for a corridor extending forwards from Engineering in TMP, but I prefer to keep it as designed, behind the colored panel and plugging into the impulse deflection crystal.

As for saucer separation, I included a detail from Probert's drawing (and the Shane Johnson and SD schematics) of having a large coupling in the intermix shaft at the separation line near the top of the neck. For the TNG-style core, the pulses above the coupling travel up, towards the impulse drive, which now that I think about it doesn't really make sense. I was thinking of the original design where the reactants are mixed throughout the shaft, and it extends the height of the ship so the impulse drive can tap power from the warp reactor. Oh, well. The port holes are tiny, no one will be able to tell which way the pulses are going.

Originally Posted by Pheylan View Post
Fantastic work! I love what you've done so far and look forward to seeing how much of the interior you plan to do.
This is pretty much it. I just wanted to get stuff that'd be visible through the windows and shuttle bay. The interior and exterior don't match perfectly, so there's a fair amount of cheating going on that'll be more apparent when I post renders from the inside. The cargo deck is a bit narrower than Probert's matte painting from the first movie, which is more visible from the inside. The recreation deck is about half the size of the set in the movie. The main blueprints I used cheated it so that the shuttle bay viewing galleries were on the same level as a line of windows on the exterior, when they're actually a half-deck lower (I added stairs).

Still, working on and researching the project did tempt me to do higher-detail models of the interiors that would be suitable for interior renders. I'd kind of like to see what some of the sets from the movies might look like altered to represent different ships, or what, say, the TUC version of the Rec Deck looks like.
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