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Originally Posted by Meurig View Post
Those engines are so, so much better!
Originally Posted by JSM View Post
Originally Posted by 3D_CG View Post
looking sweet...
Originally Posted by Treybor View Post
Tony, that's just sweet.
The engines are definitely much better than before and still have that B5 feel. Bravo!
Originally Posted by Rigel View Post
I agree, the drive section is totally awesome. Parts of it make me think of a classic muscle V8 with some power modifications added to it.

Whatever else these engines evoke from the various viewers, they speak one word very loudly:

Originally Posted by Andrew March View Post
Holy Crapola Tony mate, awesome work.
Originally Posted by Gordon Robb View Post
Have not been following this thread, but man those engines look fantastic mate.
Originally Posted by fluxfire View Post
Awsomeness man!
Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words.

Originally Posted by DBriedis View Post
Nice RCS thrusters, and are those the point defense guns from Galactica? Those would be perfect for the interceptor grid.
Thanks, the RCS thrusters are based on some of the rocket engines I saw in this thread, which was frankly an astonishing model and gives fuel for anyone wanting inspiration for some nurnies. And yeah the guns are based on the Galactica's anti aircraft guns, gotta love the Big G.

Anyhoo, got the thing broken down into instancible bits and applied some basic textures to it (basically just the original textures, these will change in time) Now there is some colour on it I dont like that bit on the top edge of the shell where there is quite a sharp edge, I think I'll have to re-think that bit...

Click image for larger version

Name:	076.jpg
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Name:	077.jpg
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Name:	078.jpg
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ID:	58210

Click image for larger version

Name:	079.jpg
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ID:	58211 Click image for larger version

Name:	080.jpg
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ID:	58212

I'm not getting much time to work on this at the moment so updates may be slow.
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