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I am so please this work achieved sexy status!

Originally Posted by Professor Moriarty View Post
My questions are, did you do this kitbashing in 3ds Max? If so, which renderer did you use? Thanks! (And again, sexy!)
Everything was done in LW Modeler. As I recall, I downloaded the original hangarbay in OBJ format. The kit-bashing and retcon entailed breaking down geometry I didn't need and building up new geometry or bringing in elements from other objects. For example, the control room is actually a stripped down version of a starship bridge.The final step was re-texturing specific surfaces with graphics (e.g., to represent doors and control panels).

Some of the translation is lost in the still image, but the two crewmen just got busted using the lift as a merry-go-round

Thanks for the kind feedback, everyone.
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