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Talking MKF's Random Trek Crap!

Wow, I didn't realize I hadn't started one here!
Well to start this thread out here is something old remade anew for the 4th time.

The U.S.S. Onimaru NCC - 76890 based off of a set of images posted by lennier1 over on SFM some uh, 2years ago? Which were from Bridge Commander and inspired by an Altom Drawing. (ugh I hope I got his name right lol)
The ship design Slots between the Galaxy and Sovereign in technology and design. Her mission is purely a exploratory one, so she is riddled with sensor "buckets" With a modular design so systems can quickly be changed out, or updated. The Onimaru is the 3rd of 5 ships built of this class. 7 years later 8 more ships were commissioned with newer equipment, the first 5 were then refitted with newer technology consisting of newer warp coil sets updated saucer warp system, new sensor racks and options was well as a shuttle compliment update. Weapons are updated to newer phaser strip power units Newer torpedo units capable of firing the newer types of probes and torpedos.

Ok enough geek crap that I placed handwavium on and pulled outta my tookus.
On to the ship.

Info: modeled in 3ds max9 rendered with Mental Ray 3.5 (hence all the cool glass efx and reflected light etc.) Ship is roughly 530k polies.
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