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Originally Posted by Crook View Post
Yes I would love that. It's hard to find good reference for a few reasons. Pinterest being one of them, which I now hate with a fury like a death star explosion.

I don't mind a complete dump of ref from you if that's easiest, but in concept I'm making the ESB 32" studio model, so if you have a comprehensive set of just that then fantastic. I'll go to the 5 foot model at times, the ANH (pre adjusted) model at times, and the full scale studio model at times, in that order I guess. Because there's an active community of builders with replicas I want to avoid those and have them as a last resort. I don't mind photos of the original source model parts, like gearboxes and tank parts and stuff that makes certain parts easier to get a handle on...

Also, I'm using some of the studio blueprints for placement accuracy, but I don't think there's a lot about. I'd desperately need good blueprint style orthos for the front and rear - top and bottom i have and I think I can manage with.

Sigh - cockpit, gunner position, walkway ramp are all on the list as well. I've got some great ref on the cockpit so I think I'll be ok there. Gunner I've got some, but not enough (even though that's in the future). I'm sure there's more that I might be forgetting about, it's a stupidly complicated ship to model well.


Yes please!
I'll bundle it up on dropbox and send you an IM when it's ready
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