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Exclamation 3D Stills Forum Guidlines

The guidelines for the 3D Stills forums are as follows:

As a reminder all work posted here is considered FINAL. To avoid confusion or conflict post images that need work or where you want creative input in the W.I.P. If for some reason you decide to re-work the image render or the models in the scene then the thread will be need to be moved to the 3D W.I.P. section... ...just let the moderator or an admin know so we can move it for you..

Members need to provide credits for all work that is not their own or does not meet the following criteria:

1. Bought from a collection that does not require credits
2. Personal work

In those two situations adding credits for those elements are at member discretion.

Credits are either required on the image or in the post, again at member discretion so long as credits meet the requirements outlined.

Just as with an art gallery you are presenting your work here for consideration. Our credits policy is not intended to be a burden but to provide a mechanism for protecting artists. If you present work here without credits then we are left to assume that all the work in the image belongs to you. Please be sure that you are representing yourself in a forthright and honest manner to retain the respect of your fellow artisans.

While we do not require it artists may want to consider adding credits to their own work since it can be used to serve as artist recognition. We like to recognise and highlight the work of our members and good work gets noticed so as stated that is another reason why you might want to add credits even if it is all by you.


Updated by bmckain on 08/30/11

Standards and FAQ for image posting

Posting C&C

When posting C&C we only require one thing, keep it civil. Both artist and viewer should remember this section is for finished art. As an artist if it isn't up to standards you may not get positive review and as a viewer that is no excuse to rip someone a new one. Please be courteous, factual and if at all possible if you are going to break it down then offer a solution on how to fix it. Most of the time people post the best they have to offer and this is a continual learning process. Other than that see the guidelines above.
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