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Painting is a bit harder, I'm still fighting it since I learned mostly as more of a illustrator so line work etc. For learning Id go with one of the "use shapes" to learn proportions etc. It is like anything just keep at it and find what works for you. Like 3d apps, Im fine in max and max like apps but stick anything related to linux or the mentality needed and Im a lost sheep LW blender etc.

Small update, got a bit carried away sampling colours off some official images for this. Yeah not my choice in colours. overboard on the pink, but all the girls are themed like this. Anyhow, I of course am going to have to re-key all of it in the long run since Im wanting a darker environment and plan to key up some specific features.

additional anyone with kids at least preview it to ep 3 before deciding on it. Pretty much sets the tone for the show. Friend was just raging over letting his little girl watch this. (personally me Id not care but some might!)
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