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Originally Posted by BillS View Post
Even though its UV'd, LW still creates the UV's (planar that is) from the origin if I remember right. So on the front it will be correct but the back will be backwards. Easiest way that I've found is to select the UV islands that are backwards and use stretch to flip them. Set the active center to selection and stretch it to -100%. That fixes them.
So, what for saying is I created the model in reverse ? . . Bill you know you are absolutely right . . . I stated the box from the inside . . D'Uh! . .
See what happens when you take a few years off of LW . . I did some of the stretching technique you mentioned to fit the model to the map, but I didn't flip the poly's to align the image, I think that may be a bit excessive, true it would work, but can you imagine flipping an entire model like that OMG . . .
Here is a quickie render of this project, I got the maps sorted out, I think I need to resize some of them to fit. thanks for the help . .
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