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Originally Posted by gpdesigner View Post
Hey Rigel how are ya?
That tutorial that you did is exactly how I fixed the problem, thanks anyway tho . . .
The only issue was that if I had to do a massive model like DS9, whoul I have to flip all those poly . . there must be an easier way . . .

LOL . . . DS9 . . . . wait, I was just thinking about that . .

Actually , I did finsh the modeling and the optimization of the mesh but only just started the texturing . . but . .
I was think of just releasing the mesh on F3D and let someone else texture it . . what do you think of that idea? The truth is I will never finish the textures on that thing and if someone else can get a chance to play with the model I would prefer that . .
What do you think?
I would direct your attention to a new area in the resources called Unfinished (under the Misc directory). You could put it there and once people texture it they can upload it to the Star Trek section.

P.S. the "easier" way to do UV maps in Lightwave (from what I've heard from other people) is to not do it with the built in tools; go with a third party UV mapping program.
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