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Originally Posted by Davide_sd View Post

1) What is the best size that fit my necessity? (obviusly bigger is better, but price may be a problem).

2) Often i heard about wacom; are there any other producers?

3) Would you recommend me to buy an used item? i mean: if i take an used phone i may find battery problems, display scratches and so on... with an used tablet, what problems may i encounter?
1) A lot of that will depend on you. As mentioned, it depends on how you draw. I know two amazing artist. One can NOT draw on a tablet over 6x8. He , like me, draws with his wrist so prefers the smaller tablets. The other can not draw on anything smaller than than a 9x12 since he came from oil painting and uses his whole arm to draw and paint.

One other thing to keep in mind is that there are a good many artists out there that can NOT use a wacom. They find it to disconnected from what they are doing. What I mean is that they can draw a line straight down. But since the tablet is on a bit of an angle on the desk the line is on an angle. In their head though the screen is straight up and down. Its that difference that infuriates them. With time you get over it and adjust but some people just find it to much. You may want to find a place where you can try it out... just to be on the safe side.

2) I'm sure that there are... but wacom is the only one that I've heard take the knock offs for what they are.

3) I know of a bunch of people that have bought used tablets (wacom) and none of them have had any trouble that I know of. I wouldn't go to old if you could help it. The "3" series can be had for a good price and nibs and replacement parts are still readily available.
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