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I rebuilt the Impulse engines, making them about half the size that they were and beefed up the housing to better protect Engineering. Tossed her into DAZ to do up a properly lit render and got some weird mesh errors on the nacelles. I'm probably going to end up having to rebuild that section. I also need to go through and remove most of the guts of the nacelle and in Engineering where I'd built the insides as they're gumming up the works and making for a really unnecessarily large file.

I'm not happy with the green lights. Need to up their brightness and base color. Also need to work on the materials for the domes on the nacelles as well as interior lighting there. The Deflector dish and the containment coils on the nacelles are WAY too reflective. Same with the metal bits on the rims of the saucer.

I need to go in and grime her up a bit texture wise, but for a lighting/render test this didn't come out too bad.
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